Magna-Tiles Spaceships

Magna-Tiles Spaceships

Magna-Tects, imagine your Magna-Tiles spaceship taking off up into the sky!

Magna-Tiles Rocket Take Off!

Challenge Magna-Tects to build a replica of the Magna-Tiles space themed creations below or design and construct your own!

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Magna-Tiles space stations

The photo on the right is a comprehensive picture of the evolving universe assembled by astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope! It incorporates all the colors that the Hubble Space Telescope can detect, visible and invisible! 

Get inspired by watching the video below to see more colorful views of the Universe! Then, illuminate your own Magna-Tiles creations with sunlight!

Learn more about the most colorful view of the universe captured on the Hubblesite’s News Release

3…2..1… Blastoff!

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