Magna-Tiles Presentations

Challenge Magna-Tects to give a Magna-Tiles Presentation!

This is a fun way for Magna-Tects to talk about what they made and develop speaking skills. Below are some ideas!


Magna-Tiles Presentation

Magna-Tiles Presentation: Tutorial

Magna-Tiles Presentation: Ninja Base

Watch as this Magna-Tect shows us around his Magna-Tiles Ninja Base! There is a cafeteria, meditating room, sleeping quarters, and planes!


Magna-Tiles Presentation: Cabin Cruiser Boat

8 year-old Magna-Tect Charlie made a tutorial for how to create a Magna-Tiles Cabin Cruiser Boat.

He says that the pieces needed are:

  • 11 Small squares
  • 10 Equilateral triangles
  • 4 Isosceles triangles
  • 2 Right triangles

Magna-Tect Charlie shows us what the Cruiser Boat will look like when it is complete and then demonstrates putting it together from start to finish! Challenge Magna-Tect to identify the Square Pyramid on the finished creation. Nice! Magna-Tects practice presentation skills! Challenge Magna-Tects to describe their Magna-Tiles Creations and use new words.

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